Adult’s Kickboxing Sparring (14 years+) Intermediate/Advanced

Adult’s Kickboxing Sparring Program – Intermediate / Advanced

These classes are part of a specifically designed Adult’s Kickboxing Sparring program for students aged 14 years and above.  These 60 minute classes are dedicated to bringing out the best in each individual taking part.  Our expert instructors have a vast amount of experience working with a wide range of ages, fitness levels and sporting ability.

As such they are well equipped to ensure every person taking part feels successful and works towards reaching whatever goals they have set for themselves.

Kickboxing can be defined as a sports based martial arts system that primarily concentrates on the stand up delivery of punch and kick techniques.  At Evade, we teach a hybrid system that incorporates Kickboxing, Boxing and Muay Thai techniques/training methods.

As with all of our adult programs, we split our students into different sessions based on their martial arts experience and ability.  Only students with prior experience can join these intermediate/advanced sparring classes.


The Secret to your Success


Friendly Atmosphere
This is by far, one of our most important traits. We believe that learning in a school where the more experienced students have huge egos’s and feel they have to prove themselves to beginners is plain WRONG!  Everyone at Evade believes in supporting each other and working together, plus our basic and open level classes are specifically designed for beginners feeling the nerves.

From instructors to students, everyone at Evade has this incredible passion for motivation!  The constant strive for the achievement of their goals not only motivates each individual, but also the others around them.

You are not going to learn, if you don’t have fun! Plain and simple. Our instructors work extremely hard to make sure that every time you walk through our doors, or come to one of our social events, you will find it impossible not to enjoy yourself.  Remember, if you enjoy what you do, you will strive to do better and keep going.

With new prospective student’s we always recommend booking in for a free intro (private one-to-one going over what is involved on the mats) followed by a free trial class.  Please use the contact page on this site here, message via our Facebook page here or ring direct on 01457 833987 if you have any further questions on our Open Level Adults Kickboxing Tameside program or would like to book in!