Trainer Category: Freestyle Karate

Stuart Tomlinson

Stuart Tomlinson is the owner and head instructor of Evade Martial Arts.  He has been training in Martial Arts for well over 20 years and is now well known across the world in this community, thanks in no small part to his phenomenally successful blog/resource “Warrior Collective“.  Stuart Tomlinson started his Martial Arts journey as […]

Sam Scott

Sam Scott Sam Scott has been training in Martial Arts since a young age.  After earning his Black belt in Freestyle Karate he has gone onto becoming a hugely experienced and popular coach at Evade Martial Arts.  He has competed at a local and national level in Kickboxing and Muay Thai.   Sam coaches regularly […]

Michael Ward

Michael Ward Michael Ward has been training in Kickboxing since being a teenager.  Hugely passionate about martial arts, fitness and strength training, he is also one of the most popular instructors at Evade Martial Arts because of his humour and highly polished technical ability.   Michael coaches regularly at Evade and is the lead instructor […]